lillenorge is an imagined place. it could be a neighbourhood, it could be a valley or a bay. it could be a short-story, the shop around the corner or a blind date. it could be that special feeling. it could be an island.

mostly though, it is the dream and vision of a homesick norwegian in germany. for a classical musician, germany has nearly everything to offer, but some bonds are hard to cut.

i cannot bring the fjords, the air, the sea and the mountains, the endless free and open landscape, the pure and fresh nature. what i can bring, though, is an extract of all this and much more, through the unique musical expressions and variety that norwegian culture and musicians behold. their fearless independent voices, their searching curiosity, the creative development of the musical traditions.

i like the vision of an island. it is a cut free piece of land, floating on its own roots, building its own atmosphere. i imagine to have ripped loose a piece of the norwegian land and planted it in berlin.

anchored up in kulturbrauerei it serves, from 14th.-17th of april 2016, as a floating home to an exclusive selection of norwegian and german
musicians and artists. ever since the idea of lillenorge took shape, our wish was to create a place with its own life. to give birth to new musical senses that we cannot predict or control, and where the audience is a close part of this personal and intimate process.

Gunilla Süssmann

Foto: Felix Broede