Felix Broede

born 69 konstanz – germany

09.11.1989        first foto reportage in berlin at brandenburger tor and glienicker brücke
90-91                studies of sociology
92                        assistant and traineeship in cologne
93-95                fotodesign studium at berlin lette verein
96                        photographers classes at the „european art academy“ trier different exhibitions
97-06                kasskara-photography
06-07                atelier paris
08                        foto-studio berlin
09-11                stockholm
12                        sabbatical
13-15                freelance
16                        atelier berlin

in the late 90s the collaboration with classical musicians and established with his agency kasskara a new visual aesthetic in the classical music scene...in the last 15 years he has produced more than 150CD covers...

more information - www.felixbroede.de