Year after year German tourists outnumber any other nationalities travelling to Norway. The beautiful nature, the fresh air and water, the wilderness and free atmosphere fascinates and attracts Germans as well as people from all over the world. But different factors, such as remoteness, extreme climate and high prices often pose obstacles to reaching real Norwegian impressions and culture, and a lot of foreigners leave with limited memories of Peer Gynt, fjords, elk-sausage, or a campingvan full of fish. We want to present some genuine vibrations that live underneath the beautiful Norwegian surface.

Lillenorge aims for the birth of a new sound, emerging from the European classical chamber-music being mirrored in the so called mystic sound of the north. The natural infrastructure of musical tradition which for centuries has been so present on the continent, never had a similar root in Norway. Different cultural priorities, the urge for maintaining autonomy in many different fields, as well as a degree of geographical distance from the world may have contributed to the growth of an independent soul and a very personal musical expression.

Already several decades ago a group of Norwegian musicians, originating mostly from the jazz-environment, started an alternative search for musical expression that was neither limited by genres, nor subject to the shifts of trends and popularity. They built their own instruments, mostly electronic. They started experimenting with PA-systems and microphones as a genuine source of musical expression. They invented their own special sampling-techniques that were to add a huge library to their sound-sources, and they cultivated the virtue of free improvisation based on an extended state of alertness and interaction with eachother. This method of musical creation, free of genres, free of comparison, has been an extremely important and unique colour on the international contemporary music-stage. Always introducing the new standards, continously innovative and challenging, fascinating and inspiring millions of people worldwide. It is pure music, in the moment, always new, always improvised.

Three of the main characters in this spectactular universe, Jan Bang, Audun Kleive and Arve Henriksen, are LillenorgeĀ“s houseband. We believe that within the abstract art that music is, their work and expression represents something very close to the Norwegian soul.

This unique musical colour will, through Lillenorge, meet its very different brother: the German/European classical music-tradition. Generation after generation has been united to learn and preserve the noble art of classical music. No other country has hosted or born so many divine composers as Germany. One might say this country practically founded the platform for the whole evolution of western classical music.

We, who live for this music today, regard Germany as the cradle of this entire tradition, and recognize how it is a selfevident part of the nation. We want to celebrate the timeless power this music has over us and our audience, and how it never ceases to impress with its relevance and spirit. Our artist-list includes an exclusive group of outstanding German and Norwegian classical musicians.

The object: Timeless universal works from the German and European chamber music library
The mirror: free, improvised, untamed - and unwritten music from Norway
The reflection: Lillenorge